a headcanonical romp through Club Penguin



that’s it. we are all going to die


this is an official video that Club Penguin released. officially

When I was like ten-ish I used to flirt extensively with all the penguin guys. I found out that simultaneously pressing “e” and “t” on the keyboard gave way to this cute little music note, so I used it in a ton of conversations. The thing is, when I was around ten years old, I used to keep my computer muted.

One of the first things I did when I came back to Club Penguin was test it out to see if it still worked, because it had been my favorite emoticon long ago and gave off general childhood vibes. My volume was amped way up, and out of nowhere a wheezing fart sound came out of Club Penguin. I made my penguin fart. a l l those years and I never understand why people tended to leave me alone afterwards .

ten year old me would have cried 

my loser gold puffle being a third wheel



I was revisiting a wiki of fake puffles (this was written quite a while ago — before a lot of colors were officially released) and I just realized how uncannily accurate these have been.


I got a membership five minutes ago and litERALLY THREE different guy penguins have been following me around.

gosh darn it, I have been a citizen of Club Penguin for 1393 days and I have never been actually approached before, let alone three times in five minutes

wow ?? ? ??

money makes you really cool


what if there were ultimate forms for puffles

obtainable through some obscure mission where you just kind of walk your puffle alongside you the whole time and accomplish tasks with it and climb a really tall mountain and absurd stuff as such

and then at the end your little puffle pal has suddenly hiked it up a level ?

what if